This project was part of Unafraid Educators Week of Action 2020 and was inspired by the Humans of New York photography series, as well as by a similar project organized previously by the Student Immigration Movement chapter at the John D. O’Bryant School. 

As part of the Week of Action, anonymous stories were collected during May 2020 from Boston Public School students to amplify their voices. Unafraid Educators distributed a Google form through our networks that included questions capturing the experiences of immigrant students and their families. Students were asked to withhold identifying information and answer only questions they felt comfortable with.  All stories are in their original submitted form, with only question restatements placed in brackets for clarification purposes. Students also chose images to accompany their stories.

Interested in doing this project in your own school or classroom? This graphic organizer (created by Rebecca Mulligan at Boston International Newcomers Academy) can help students organize their ideas.