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“I get sad because l can’t see my family and friends” 

i was born on the 16th of 2009 and in boston and at 1 year old i went to brazil and at 10 years old i went and it was my dream to come back here

[Immigration has affected my family or friends because] I get sad because l can’t see my family and l can’t  friends 

[Something in Boston/the U.S. that felt strange to me when I first arrived was] the weather snow

[What I remember or miss the most about the country I was born] Is my cousin 

[Right now, it feels hard to] Stay away from my bongo family

[I am inspired to keep going when things are hard] Because I’m close to my mom, my dad, my sister and why I’m here

[I want people to know or understand that] I’m cool and I don’t speak much English

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