I’m afraid that one day a misfortune will happen and that the police will come to repatriate us.

This photo means a family united to fight for a living.

A few years ago my grandparents, aunt and uncle came here to the United States at the beginning. It was really very hard for them because we spoke different languages ​​here but my grandfather already understood English before he came here. At the beginning when they came they lived with a person so they had to work all to provide for their  needs and also to take a house for themselves, so all worked until they could raise the money enough to look after a house, that’s when everything started to go well with them.

[Immigration has affected me and/or my family because] First it is not easy to leave your country and leave your parents or the person you love for another country, and also in this country where you go they do not speak the same language as you at the beginning when you are an immigrant it’s not easy at all.

[The happiest moment in my life] For me it was the day I got here and I met my aunt and uncle for the first time because I had never seen them but I talked to them sometimes on the phone, and also I was great happy to be here because I was going to be here one day.

For me, the most difficult moments were the days when I left my country. I saw my little brother who was crying and he said that he wanted to come with us, and also when I got here it was difficult for me to make friends because I didn’t speak the same language as them.

The most influential person in my life is my aunt because she is a kind and fighting woman.

I’m afraid that one day a misfortune will happen and that the police will come to repatriate us.

I want people to know that I am a very kind, kind person, I really like listening to music and having a lot of fun.

I mean being an immigrant is not easy, but I think that if you are united you can quickly get out easier.

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