A neighborhood


There should be no more borders. Many of my family are migrants due to problems, and others out of necessity. Only the distance from our relatives could affect us..  The happiest day of my life would be my childhood with my family friends..    The saddest day for me was when my dear dad died and, …

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My worst moment that happened was separating from my mom. I felt very happy with her, but for reasons like poverty and  a lack of food, I decided to leave my family. This story is about me an how immigrated to the united states. Leaving my family did not affect  me much because someday I …

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I’m afraid my mom can’t come and live with me in America. My grandmother got married and went to America and then my dad and sister came to America. Immigration affected my friends because it was so difficult  I separated from them  and my family because I went to live in another country and they …

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