Although I feel a little sad for having to leave my country, I feel happy for this new stage of my life since I always dreamed of studying in the United States.

On January 29, 2020, my family and I decided to immigrate to the United States looking for a better life because of the earthquake situation in my country. I remember that early in the morning of January 7, 2020, at 4:00 a.m., in my country Puerto Rico, when we were sleeping our beds started to shake strongly and the electricity went off. After the earthquake passed, the only thing that  I heard was our community leader Alice,  going house by house to see if people were well and saying that we have to get in our vehicles since we live on the coast and we were on alert for a tsunami. Also I heard  the birds alarmed and the dogs barking.It was so dark that we couldn’t see well.  My sisters Adriana and Krystal and I were very afraid. My parents Rey and Fabiola, my sisters, my grandpas Maria and Angel, my aunt April and her husband Manuel, left in our vehicles to look for a safe place. When we got out of our community, the street had a lot of traffic, the vehicles were running bumper to bumper, people running from one side to another, also people on motorcycles and bicycles. My father was very nervous and merged from one lane  to the other like three times trying to escape from the traffic. It was a caos! This experience affected us so much that we could not sleep at night all the time we were living with tension. My  house was affected too by Hurricane Maria, which was not apt to live  in because pieces of  the cement roof fell every time it rained. One day after my father and I walked  to the living room a large piece of cement roof fell into the hallway. For these two reasons my family and I immigrated  to the United States. My family and I  decided  go  to Boston since there are our relatives and they helped us and let us  stay with them so we got a place to live in Boston. 

The immigration has affected my family and me by the distance from the rest of the family in my country.

The happiest moment of my life is my first trip to the United States and when I met my aunt Liz, uncles Jesus and Miguel, and cousins that I hadn’t  seen in a long time. Another happiest moment was when I enrolled in my high school in Boston and met all my teachers which I appreciate a lot and my new friends. 

The saddest moment of my life is that I had to leave in my country another part of my blood and spiritual family and my friends. Also I miss my country too.

The first person influential in my life is God because he gives me the strength to keep going forward and because without him I would not have  life. Other people that  are  influential in my life are  my parents because they are always there for me and support me. 

Right now, I am most afraid to be infected with the Coronavirus.

[I want people to know/understand that] Although I feel a little sad for having to leave my country, I feel happy for this new stage of my life since I always dreamed of studying in the United States. I am also happy to see my older brother called John and meet my little niece Lisa and my nephew Omar who live in the United States.  

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