UNafraid educators relief fund for boston students and families


The Unafraid Educators’ Relief Fund for Boston Students & Families is raising money to support families in the Boston Public Schools during the COVID-19 crisis


As the COVID-19 crisis continues, families across our city are feeling the impact of lost jobs and declining incomes. The need is widespread and it is ongoing; this is not a crisis that will go away quickly, and more and more families will be in need of resources as closures and job losses continue. All of the existing resources in place to support families during this crisis are already over capacity. Funds being made available by governments and organizations are receiving far more applicants than they can serve. In addition, many families do not have access to stimulus funds or unemployment benefits due to immigration status or other circumstances. 


To help address this crisis in our city, the Unafraid Educators Committee is partnering with Boston Educator’s Justice Alliance (BEJA) to establish a Relief Fund for Boston Students & Families. The fund is available to all families with children in the Boston Public Schools, and it is accessible to all families, regardless of immigration status or eligibility for other benefits. We know that many families look to their school communities for support and that many educators and other school community members are looking for ways to support the families in their community. This fund allows our schools to directly connect families with resources, especially those who may feel hesitant or uncertain about applying for other funds. We greatly appreciate your ongoing support for our school communities.

Application Details and Instructions

Are you a student or do you have a child in the Boston Public Schools? Are you in need of financial support due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis?


Requests will be placed in a random drawing every one to two weeks. We will use the funds we raise during each cycle to purchase gift cards. All BPS families in need, regardless of immigration status, are encouraged to apply. If you do not receive funds in the first cycle, we will continue to enter your name into next random drawings. 

We will order $150 Visa gift cards that will be sent directly to students’ houses. We will notify them when the card is ordered. Gift cards are not taxed and do not require a social security number. Recipients’ names will be on the card and it can be replaced if lost or stolen. 

Please only apply once per household. Make sure to carefully answer every question or we will not be able to order the card.


Please direct all questions to unafraideducators@gmail.com.